The Militia/YMCMB/After Platinum

The Militia/YMCMB/After Platinum

Cory Gunz
sets the release date for… #DATZWTFIMTALKINBOUT

By Alectron

Cory Gunz has been in the game for several years. In my opinion, he still hasn’t received the respect that he deserves. After the MTV reality show, Son Of A Gun, Cory Gunz dropped a few features and the Son Of A Gun Mixtape. Touring with the leader of YMCMB Lil Wayne, and performing at NYC’s SOB’s allowed him to show some performance skills but now the Bronx Native is ready to drop his next Mixtape called “DATZWTFIMTALKINBOUT”. Cory Gunz gave us an exclusive listen session to his masterpiece and I must say, I think the young gunna is ready for an album. He’s extremely lyrical over these monstrous beats. His topics are personal. He’s telling his story. You will hear all about his current events. I think it’s just a matter of you, the fans to support real hip-hop music. You will hear production from Dot-N-Pro. There are plenty of features for everyone to enjoy. DATZWTFIMTALKINBOUT is scheduled to be out on July 16th. I’m sure the fans will appreciate that.

Stay tuned for the DOWNLOAD Post…

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