Interview with LIVRÉ

A group that produces tight harmonies, very energetic, still remains fashionable to appeal to their peers and maintains a fun life style representing Christ. I am talking about the very talented group Livré. I had the pleasure of interviewing the group and it is clear that they are God’s children.

“I Will Be Alright” is the single Livré released earlier this year. It debuted in the Top 50 on Billboards Top Gospel Songs Charts. The song is a very comforting song that reminds you that God has your back and everything will be alright.
Looking forward to their next single, which isn’t released yet, and their self-titled ablum. Livré is ready to spread good news to the world.

ADAM ALECTRON: How long have you guys been together?

Livré: We’ve been together for 6 years now.

ADAM ALECTRON: What is it like being in a group for so long? How do you guys get along?

Livré: Being In a group is difficult when you don’t understand your purpose and what it is your bring to the table. Once everyone in the body knows their function it is easier to get things moving Starts out as a crawl but before you know it everything is running smooth.

ADAM ALECTRON: If you could choose one word to describe each member in the group, what would it be?

Livré: Ariel’s word to describe her would be the “Brainiac”. Kenny is a comedian so his word is “Hilarious”. Rich is always a “Worshiper”.
Malik is into his kicks, “Sneaker Head”. Cree would have to be “Fashion” and Ajanee would most likely be “Food”.

ADAM ALECTRON: How hard is it to balance being a young individual and a young Christian artist at the same time?

Livré: It’s interesting Balancing being Young and a Christian artist. The reason it is so interesting is because we are constantly growing everyday, learning, making mistakes and still have to be an example to other young people in Christ and even those who aren’t in Christ. Being an artist alone is not easy you have Your lyrical content to worry about, your image, money and remaining relevant but what balances that out for us is God. He mapped out our lyrical content he made us all unique and all have different identities. He’s the provider of all our needs from money to shelter and as long as you stay connected in prayer and to the bible you will always be relevant.

ADAM ALECTRON: How do you guys stay grounded spiritually?

Livré: We all have Church homes and Pastors who covers us and prays for us.

ADAM ALECTRON: How did you feel when you heard your single on the radio for the first time?

Livré: We actually have a video of us hearing it for the first time. It blew us away. We didn’t form this group to be on the radio or to be well known.. So it was a blessing and honor to hear our 1st single being played on the radio.

ADAM ALECTRON: Where did you get your sound and how did you develop it?


ADAM ALECTRON: Tell us your most embarrassing moment as a group.

Livré: After a performance we were really hungry and decided to go get some fast food. Our hotel was about a block away from the hotel we were staying at so we decided to have some fun on the drive back. Ajay and Malik decided to jump on the outside of the van and ride to the hotel holding on to the open doors. All of sudden the cops appeared pulling us over and informing us not only were we endangering ourselves but we were also breaking the states curfew for underaged children. Long story short we got in some trouble that night Lol

ADAM ALECTRON: If I were a young boy that had a struggle, what would your advice be?

Livré: The best thing you could do is talk about it. Recognize it as a struggle and from there you can find someone trustworthy and willing to help you overcome your struggle and pray for you.

ADAM ALECTRON: If I didn’t believe in GOD, what would you say to me?

Livré: I would let you know that you don’t have to look far to see that He’s real. Just look at the sun, moon, stars, water! No man could create such things!


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