New Music: Ajanee “Titanium X Ready Aim” Featuring AMB (Alectric Mayhem Band) Prod. Dré The General

Ajanee - Titanium x Ready Aim Feat. Alectric Mayhem Band by Ajanee Hambrick short

Introducing Inspirational Artist, Ajanee Hambrick. Ajanee is a 25 Year old singer, songwriter, arranger and specializes in vocal production. Ajanee is also in the group Livré and is now branching off into her own solo career. Her first cover of Children of the Love has over 60,000 listens on Soundcloud. While starting her solo career, She is also starting a movement called Be Brave, where she is not only being transparent and sharing her inner thoughts and feelings but is inspiring others to be brave in all aspects of life. The song Titanium X Ready Aim is featuring AMB (Alectric Mayhem Band), The band that backs the legend 50 Cent.


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