May Music: Group Keyboard Beginners Course


This four day course is designed for students who wish to develop basic piano playing skills, or expand on their existing skills. Time in class will be spent both on and off the keyboards. While playing students will be working indiviudally and in small groups to master the techniques of playing and learn pieces. Students will learn basic music theory, develop effective practice techniques, gain an understanding of musical notation and Students will develop their individual playing skills. Each course is only $25. We are looking for sponsors too. All you need to do is text 347-961-8798, state that you want to sponsor a child and send your donation through paypal to If you do plan on sponsoring a child, we ask that you send your donations before May 1. Then we will be able to make accommodations for the sponsored child. The Location is 1115 Ward Ave. Bronx NY.

Session information below:

MAY MUSIC session small

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