Dot N Pro

Dot N Pro

Some people think that production is a “five minute” process but the dynamic duo Dot-N-Pro doesn’t believe that. They treat their music like Mozart, Bach and all of the greats that spent time on their music to make it sound great. Theatrical beats, is one of the many styles of Dot-N-Pro. They call it music that changes your emotions like a movie. Born into a family of musicians, producers and singers, Dot-N-Pro is continuing the family legacy.

Dot a.k.a. S.Dot, is a new york native that has the skills to play in church services as well as engineer, produce and vocal coach a recording session. His talents shape his life as well as everyone around him. Dot has a large amount of influence from old school music including genres such as jazz, soul, gospel, hip-hop, 90’s R&B and many other genres.

Pro a.k.a. APro a.k.a. ProDaGenius is also a New York native from the Bronx. Growing up with interest in basketball, he later made the switch to music after learning techniques and engineering sessions everyday at the studio. Da Genius is known for zoning out and not leaving the studio until the project is done.

Starting off on their own separate paths challenged them to see who was the best. Wars would go on and on as they tried to create the best volumes. Being competitive with each other got old fast so they finally decided to collaborate with each other. Their music ended up sounding much better together than apart, which led to the dynamic duo Dot-N-Pro.

Their best friend and their brother, Cory Gunz met the two from mutual friends and since then they have been working with each other. Song after song, they are a perfect team. Cory Gunz gave them the opportunity to score MTV’s Docu-series “Son of a Gun” which Dot-N-Pro appeared in. They created the theme song and all music transitions. At the finale along with André, they musically directed the live show. They also featured on TV stations such as Fuse, TV One, Vh1 and have appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and the Voice with the Band AMB.

Dot-N-Pro worked with artist and on projects like:

Cory Gunz And Militia Gang
50 Cent And G-Unit
Lil Twist
Mack Maine
Gudda Gudda
Short Dawg
Lil Chuckee
King Los
2 Chains
Meek Mill
Juicy J
Nick Cannon
SchoolBoy Q
Charlie Rock
Square Off
Teyana Taylor
Busta Rhymes
Christopher Williams
Prodigy of Mobb Deep